Responsibilities of the Assessor

It is the responsibility of the assessor to determine the fair market value for the property subject to taxation within his jurisdiction. The assessor and his staff follow uniform guidelines, procedures, rules and regulations as set forth by the statutes of the State of Louisiana in determining the assessments of property. 

It is important to note that the assessor does not determine the amount of tax dollars to be levied, nor does the assessor send the tax bills or collect tax payments. Parish tax bills are sent and collected by the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office. collected by the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office.  The Sheriff’s Office also collects city taxes for the following municipalities:  Minden, Doyline, Cotton Valley, Cullen and Sarepta. The City of Springhill and the Town of Sibley sends and collects their own taxes.  If you do not receive your tax notice, please check to see if the Assessor has listed your correct mailing address for the tax roll, then contact the tax collector for either the parish or municipality about any billing or collection information.